Mr. Muhammad Yaqoob Raja, the Chairman of Y.G. Group of Companies started his carrier in 1970 with Pakistan Security Printing Corporation. He served this Semi-Government Organization for eleven years. He attained skill in seven Preliminary Departments related to Printing, Packaging, Surface Treatment, Import Export Departments. Because of his extra-ordinary communication skilled personality, he was also assigned the protocol responsibility to look after the Foreign Affairs job related to Foreign Guests.

The honorable Chairman entered into business as an Entrepreneur on 4th September 1979 and registered a company with the name of Y.G. International on 15th September 1979 in the field of Graphics and Electroplating Surface Finishing Technologies.


He got honor to represent the world famous brand KODAK Graphics & Films manufacturing Company  in “DRUPA” Dusseldorf, Germany in 1982 in the age of 30 years.

He got the Agencies of several word famous top Companies related to different fields to represent in Pakistan but he selected the HARSHAW CHEMICAL COMPANY, the most advance and famous group of company in the world in the field of Electroplating and Surface Finishing Technologies.

Mr. M.Y. Raja got training from England, Germany and U.S.A. He attended many conferences in England, Germany and USA. He got Membership of A.E.S.F in U.S.A, the biggest Society supposed to do the research works for Space Department and in so many areas.

Mr. M.Y. Raja was appointed as a Liaison Officer for A.E.S.F for Pakistan and he attended Research Sessions, Conferences and Exhibitions for about 17 years non stop. He was awarded a “Research Friend Award” of 1988-89 in USA by the research Society. Mr. M.Y. Raja established first fully equipped backup services and research based Laboratory for Electroplating and Surface Finishing Treatment in Pakistan.

He served most of the top brand of Automobile like Yamaha Motor Cycle, main Vendors of  Honda Motorcycle and many others. He completed the most specialized jobs of Chemical Treatment in Power Project fields like Parco Refinery, B.O.C, D.H.A Desalination Plant, Tapal Power Project, Bhitt Gas Field Project with affiliation of SIEMENS Pakistan.

Using his long lifetime skills and experience and the world’s latest Technology, he and his team has developed the Personal Care products and feel proud to serve our nation with honesty and loyalty.

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